The Next Best Thing by Jennifer Weiner

51IdHczmJgL $26.99, 400 pages, Women’s Fiction

An aspiring TV producer takes on Hollywood with her 70-year-old grandmother in tow!

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Ruth Saunders has endured enough pain for a lifetime.  She was raised by her grandmother after an accident claimed her parents and left her with facial scars and pain.  Saunders aspired to produce a television show and moves to Hollywood with her grandma to try to make it happen.  This story is one of perseverance, laughter, heartache and love.  Saunders finally gets her show, The Next Best Thing, picked up.  And yet the vision she had for her show does not mirror what is created by the studio.  Ruth’s life is suddenly filled with uncertainty both professionally and personally.

I really enjoyed this book and found myself rooting for Ruth, her grandma, the two Daves and other characters.  I was frustrated when Ruth was frustrated….smiling when Ruth was smiling and cheering for love when Ruth doubted it would ever find her!  I love Weiner’s writing style and her approach to relationships, love and life!  In my opinion, yet another chick lit winner from Weiner.

Novelist recommends the following read-alikes: Danielle Steel’s One Day at a Time, Susan Mallery’s Already Home and London is the Best City in America by Laura Dave (accessed March 4, 2012)

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Appeal Factors: Heartwarming, Leisurely-Paced, Romantic

I chose this book because I fell in love with Weiner as an author when I read her first book, Good in Bed.  The story is endearing, the characters real and the plot quite often brings a smile to my face.

See what Jennifer is reading: Author’s personal blog.

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