Shadow Game by Christine Feehan

imagesCAXSCWV1 $7.99, 352 pages, Paranormal Romance

Lily and Ryland meet through a science experiment, share psychic abilities and fall in love.

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Ryland is a GhostWalker and possesses special abilities that make his participation in an ongoing scientific experiment heightened.  Lily’s father began the scientific research on Ryland and other men in various branches of the military.  And when Lily’s father is murdered, she is tasked with taking over his research while determining and finding her father’s killer.  All the while, the passionate energy and attraction between Lily and Ryland cannot be overlooked.  This book is the first of 10 in the GhostWalkers series by Christine Feehan.

Depending on your “heat level” for romances, Feehan’s GhostWalker series is a must-try for any romance reader.  The paranormal elements, including psychic abilities, only add to the allure as Lily and Ryland can read each other’s thoughts.  Working together, their relationship allows them to discover answers while experiencing mind blowing passion.

Appeal Factors: Fast-Paced, Romance, Paranormal

According to Novelist, read-alikes for this book include: Copper Beach by Jayne Ann Krentz, Pandora’s Daughter by Iris Johansen and Raintree by Linda Jones (accessed May 4, 2013).

Awards: Nominated for the 2003 Romantic Times Award for Best Contemporary Paranormal, NY Times Bestseller List, USA Today Bestseller List

Discussion Questions:

1. Are you a fan of paranormal romance?

2. Would you read this author/genre again?

3.  Did you find Shadow Game to be too sexually explicit ? Do you think it was an important to the plot/story?

4. Is Lily and Ryland’s relationship based on love and mutual attraction or is it based on sexual attraction?

5. Do you think Lily’s character was indicative of her upbringing?

6. Did Lily’s father love her?  Did he know how to show/express love? If yes, how?

7. As he is dying, Dr. Peter Whitney reaches out to his daughter Lily and implores her to destroy his secret laboratory and his research. Do you think he was unaware how dangerous his research was? Did he maintain his laboratory and records as a source of pride or do you believe he truly wanted his daughter to learn about her history?

8. Do you think the Ghostwalker experiment is plausible?

9. Do you think psychic abilities are a reality?

10. Which paranormal/psychic ability would you choose and why?  A few examples to get you started: levitation, telepathy, dreamwalking and psychic abilities.

11. Where do you think the series goes from here (this is the first of ten books in the series)?

I selected this book due to the popularity of the paranormal romance genre.  I became familiar with Christine Feehan through the owner of a small bookstore.

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