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The Mountain Between Us by Charles Martin

jacketCAF9XH41 $14.00, 336 pages, Christian Fiction

A plane crash forces strangers Ben and Ashley to work together to save their lives.

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A snowstorm cancels many outgoing commercial planes in the Salt Lake City area.  Dr. Ben Payne charters a small single-engine plane in an attempt to quickly get home.  He befriends Ashley in the airport terminal and invites her to hop a ride with him as she is desperate to get home for her wedding festivities.  The plane crashes and an incredible story of survival unfolds as relationships are questioned and lives are at stake.

I love a good survival story and was not disappointed in this book from Charles Martin.  I especially enjoyed the dynamics between Ashley and Ben and how they worked together to overcome insurmountable odds.  A tad far-fetched, the ending developed with a bit of a twist.

Appeal Factors: Fast-Paced, Plot-Driven,  Suspenseful

According to Novelist, read-alikes for this book include: Broken Wings by Terri Blackstock, The Note by Angela Hunt and The Princess by Lori Wick (accessed May 4, 2013).

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I chose this book after it was recommend by a close friend.  She loved the story and thought I would, as well.  A fan of Christian fiction, I welcomed the opportunity.

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The Shunning by Beverly Lewis

51oUfbkjM-L $14.99, 288 pages, Christian Fiction

An Amish woman learns life-altering news just before her wedding.

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The story of a young woman growing up in an Amish Plain community in Pennsylvania.  The color of her hair is unique and sets her apart from her family and others.  She loves music but must deny this form of entertainment or make confession to her church.  While she is prepping for her marriage to the local Bishop, questions surface which make her doubt everything about her life.  Will she remain Plain, marry the widower Bishop and raise his 5 children or….be shunned?

I really enjoyed the story, characters and challenges faced by young Katie Lapp.  Always fascinated by the Amish lifestyle and community, I struggled with the limitations set forth.  So much was demanded and I empathized as Katie struggled with personal feelings, music and the rigorous structure.  The plot was somewhat predictable and slow in parts, however, Lewis’ story was endearing.
According to Novelist, read-alikes for this title include: Wanda Brunstetter’s A Sister’s Test, Who Do I Lean On? by Neta Jackson and Cindy Woodsmall’s The Hope of Refuge. (accessed March 5, 2013)

The Shunning was awarded the ECPA Gold Book Award (500,000 sold) in 2002 and the ECPA Platinum Book Award (1,000,000 sold) in 2008, according to (accessed March 5, 2013).

Appeal Factors: Inspirational, Homespun, Character-driven

The Shunning is the first in a trilogy. See the other books available by Beverly Lewis:
The Heritage of Lancaster County Series

I chose this book because I have enjoyed Christian fiction in the past. I had never read a selection by Beverly Lewis and regularly saw books by her.

Interesting Note: This book was made into a television movie for The Hallmark Channel:

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