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Ironskin by Tina Connelly

ironskin$24.99, 304 pages, Steampunk

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This book is the first in a trilogy and also the debut novel for author Tina Connolly.  Jane wears an iron mask to cover the scar on her cheek.  This scar that was inflicted upon her by the Fey during the Great War…nearly 5 years ago.  When Jane becomes a governess to care for Edward’s child, Dorie, the mysteries begin to unfold.  And while the young Jane fills her days caring for Dorie, she begins to discover that she has developed feelings for Edwards.  And yet….so many questions remain in this tale dubbed a mix between Jane Eyre and Beauty and the Beast.  What exactly does Edward do with the women who visit him and leave so much more beautiful?  How had the fey substance inflicted Dorie and Jane?  Will Jane choose to be with Edward no matter the cost?

An interesting and intriguing tale, this book was my first sample from the ever-popular steampunk genre.  I had high expectations after reading some of the reviews and I find this book applicable for even young adults.  The story is one of sadness, romance and risk.  Just how far will Jane go to remove the scar inflicted upon her?

Appeal Factors: Character-Driven, Nostalgic, Dramatic

According to Novelist, read-alikes for this book include:  Crown of Stars by Kate Elliott, Shade by Richard Knaak and The Gates of Sleep by Mercedes Lackey (accessed May 10, 2013).

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This book joined my reading list after it was selected as one of our five required reading selections for the semester.  This was my first foray into the steampunk genre.

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